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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

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Fighter squadron: Fedayeen

Description: Dream Valley at its finest.


You have been taken aboard the Masyaf, the Narayana-class frigate that claims to be part of Home Fleet. In reality, the Masyaf is none other than the base of the Fedayeen, a special branch of the UEF.

Among the numerous modifications the Fedayeen have made to suit their needs, the Masyaf also houses a "special computational asset". Known simply as "CASSANDRA", this enigmatic device hosts a neural network called the dreamscape.

The dreamscape is also where you have been initiated to.


This is a special mission that appears between actual missions. It is essentially a playable cutscene where you can fly around and communicate with members of the Fedayeen, as well as other entities who can access it via the Nagari process. All entities are personified by ship classes. To communicate with an entity, fly towards them, close in to less than 500m and press your Fire key.

There are no objectives in this mission. If you want to leave at any time, head towards the Intrasystem Gate designated Awake and jump out when prompted. You will advance to the next mission automatically.


  • Although this mission appears several times throughout War in Heaven Act 3: Tenebra and behaves like several separate missions, it is actually a single mission file.
  • Small ships representing members of the Fedayeen will turn towards you when you are within their range of communications.


  • Communicating with entities present in the dreamscape is an excellent way to learn more about the causes behind the events of War in Heaven.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • Fedayeen
  • Other

  • 1 UENB Alexandria
    • Radio Free Fedayeen
      • this is rff

  • 1 GVD Typhon
    • The Hammer of Light
      • konise'osoy esomuu'seh

  • 4 UEF Ainsarii
    • Falcata 1
      • Laporte
    • Kovacs
      • my thoughts are mine
    • Falconer
      • looking at me?
    • Vidaura
      • she's still hurting