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* [[FreeSpace 2 Shivan Ship Database#SD Nebiros|SD Nebiros]]
* [[FreeSpace 2 Shivan Ship Database#SD Nebiros|SD Nebiros]]
[[Category:Main Freespace 2 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron: 70th Blue Lions

Description: 3rd Fleet Headquarters is evacuated. Amidst heavy Shivan attack, the 19th squadron, originally assigned to defend it, was wiped out. Now, the 70th Blue Lions have been assigned to oversee the rest of the evacuation process.


Allied Command has ordered the evacuation of 3rd Fleet Headquarters in Capella. The installation came under heavy Shivan fighter and bomber fire, and it's defending squadron, the 19th, was annihilated. Taking over the 19th squadron's remaining wing, Alpha wing of the 70th Blue Lions is now ordered to ensure the success of the evacuation process.


This mission is reminiscent of The Sixth Wonder, the only difference being that there is no enemy warship to contend with...yet.

As Alpha 1, you are given control over the sole surviving Delta wing from the 19th. Be sure to keep that wing in one piece; you'll need it. At the start of the mission, you will see the GTM Galen. Ignore it; the Shivans are only concerned with attacking 3rd Fleet HQ. At this point, order all your wingmen to defend the installation.

The GTD Messana, an Orion-class destroyer, will jump in approximately one minute into the mission. It would be wise to assign Delta wing to protect it, as some Shivan bombers will divert their attention to the destroyer. You should mostly be concerned about guarding the HQ.

When Lambda 1 undocks, order your wing (not Delta) to guard the transport. Shivan fighters will jump in momentarily to attack it. You can forget about defending the installation for now; that's why the Shivan bombers only jump in 5 kilometers away from it.

Once Lambda docks with the Messana, get Alpha wing to defend the installation again. Lambda 2 should jump in a few moments after Lambda 1 jumps out.

When Lambda 2 undocks with all the remaining survivors from 3rd Fleet HQ, abandon the station and concentrate on protecting the transport only.

3rd Fleet HQ will be self-destructed a short while after Lambda 2 docks with the Messana and jumps out with it. Do not fly in front of the Orion or stay near the installation. The resulting shockwave from the self-destruction of the HQ should wipe out any remaining Shivan fighters or bombers. If not, destroy them and return to base when you are done.

Be warned that the SD Nebiros, a Ravana-class destroyer, may jump in during the course of the mission. If it does, you will be ordered to return to base.

Notable ships present