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All information related to the EAB Gagana is non-canon.
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EAB Gagana.
EAB Gaganafrom Inferno Release 1.


INFR1 Tech Room Description

The gigantic Gagana is without a doubt the most well-specified heavy bomber in general deployment. Ten gunmounts combined with three secondary batteries make her a formidable foe. The EA has often used the Gagana as a missile boat as well as a strike bomber. She can carry the EA's best torpedoes and is very heavily armored.

Credits List

  • Model by Aldo



Type Heavy Bomber
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability Poor
Max Velocity 60.0 - 80.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 100.0 mps
Armor Very Heavy
Hitpoints 550
Shields 890
Length 65 m


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 4 Prom ADV
2nd 6 Prom ADV
Compatible Primaries
Avenger T2, Mace, PromADV, Ripper

Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 100 Stinger
2nd 80 Hell Storm
3rd 80 Hell Fire
Compatible Secondaries
Hurricane, Shocker, Trident, Sniper, Hornet, Stinger, Stiletto III, Hell Storm, Hell Fire, Defender, Fire Storm, GTM EMP Adv.

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