EAF Claymore Mark II

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All information related to the EAF Claymore Mark II is non-canon.
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This article is about the Earth Alliance fighter in Inferno Release 1. For other uses, see Claymore.

EAF Claymore Mk2.
The Claymore II from the 2011 model dump.
The Claymore Mark II from as seen in Inferno: Nostos.


INFR1 Tech Room Description

The second generation of the Claymore was intended to supplement, not replace its elder sibling. An agile heavy fighter, the Claymore 2 has eight gunmounts and two medium capacity missile bays. Slightly superior to the retired GTF Erinyes class, the fighter's firepower is often used against our cruisers and non-combat ships very effectively.

Credits List

  • Model by Aldo



Type Assault
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability Fair
Max Velocity 85.0 - 100.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 120.0 mps
Armor Average
Hitpoints 275
Shields 700
Length 23 m


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 4 Prom ADV
2nd 4 Avenger T2
Compatible Primaries
Subach HL-12, Avenger T2, Adv Disruptor, Mace, Prometheus, Prom ADV
Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 60 Trident
2nd 60 Trident
Compatible Secondaries
Hurricane, Shocker, Trident, Sniper, Hornet, Stinger, EMP Adv., EA RFT

Veteran Comments

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Difficult to use against fighters, unless you modify the tables for a zeroing option on the guns, because of its widely spaced gunpoints; they're on the StarFury-esque wings. This is not as much an issue against capital and logistics craft where its eight guns come into play more easily, and do ridiculous amounts of damage.

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