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All information related to the EAF Stentor is non-canon.
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EAF Stentor in Nostos
PBR EAF Stentor from upcoming Inferno Nostos patch.
EAF Stentor in INFR1

EAF Stentor is fanmade fighter based on GTF Valkyrie. Appearing in INFR1 for the first time as advanced interceptor of the Earth Alliance, Stentor become very popular design among FreeSpace modders. Stentor was reworked and reskinned several times and appears in multiple campaigns like Luyten Civil War, Dawn of Sol, Shadow Genesis or Inferno Nostos.


Inferno Release 1

Although Stentor units are used infrequently by the Earth Alliance, they are nothing less than a fearsome presence on the battlefield. One of the fastest combat ships we've ever seen, her light armament is all that is needed to ruin a bomber pilot's day. She is based around the ancient Valkyrie design and is very maneuverable.

Inferno Nostos

Earther interceptor.

Stentor interceptors are used frequently by the Earth Alliance in almost every combat scenario. Their high top speed and decent shielding and armor make them nothing less than a fearsome presence on the battlefield. Being one of the fastest EA combat ships we've ever seen, the Stentor's light but highly effective armament is all that is needed to ruin a bomber pilot's day. Based around the Great War-era Valkyrie design, the Stentor can easily outmaneuver our standard fighters in a dogfight, but thankfully lacks the endurance to survive extended engagements.

Credits List

  • Original model by Aldo
  • First Upgrade by Trashman
    • DoS Retexture by ShadowGorrath
    • LCW Retexture by TopAce
  • Second Upgrade by Rampage
  • Third, PBR Upgrade by Rampage and Nyctaeus



Type Advanced Interceptor
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability High
Max Velocity 95.0 - 120.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 160.0 mps
Armor Light
Hitpoints 250
Shields 350
Length 29 m


Default Statistics Inferno: Nostos
Bank Guns Standard Loadout Bank Guns Standard Loadout Capacity
1st 4 Prom ADV 1st 4 Avenger II 400
2nd 1 Avenger T2 2nd 2 Avenger II 400
Compatible Primaries Compatible Primaries
Subach HL-12, Avenger T2, Adv Disruptor, Mace, Prometheus, Prom ADV, Ripper Avenger II, Trantor, Shrieker, Mace, Banshee-R, Aratrum
Default Statistics Inferno: Nostos
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 60 Trident 1st 60 Stinger
2nd 60 Warrior
Compatible Secondaries Compatible Secondaries
Hurricane, Shocker, Trident, Stiletto III, Hornet, Stinger, EMP Adv., Firestorm Hunter, Warrior, Stinger, Penetrator, Halberd


Veteran Comments

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The EAF Stentor is also referred to as the Valkyrie Mark 2, its original designation.

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