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The EA Badger


Tech Room Description

Stronger, tougher, and able to attack with greater firepower, the Badger is a heavy strike StarFury. Using the basic design of the Aurora Starfury and adding additonal weapons and armor plating, the Badger can in numbers, succesfully attack a hostile capital ship and disable or destroy it. Badgers, however, are not as powerful in practice as they are on paper. Earth Alliance heavy cruisers conventionally link firepower with their heavy assault fighters in order to cause critical damage to an enemy ship before using the main guns of the cruiser to destroy their target. Badgers are equipped with a rear turret for self defense and are less agile than other StarFury variants.

Veteran Comments

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The BomberFury. The Badger is a fighter-bomber and the designation of attack fighter suits it well. It makes up for its lack of bomb reloads with the impressively destructive 60mm Pulse mounts. The Badger is not as bad a dogfighter as most FreeSpace bombers, and can hold its own reasonably well if unescorted.



Type Attack Fighter
Manufacturer Mitchell-Hyundyne
Maneuverability Good
Max Velocity 80 - 95 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 130.0 mps
Armor Medium
Hitpoints 550
Length 12 m


Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 2 40mm Pulse
Compatible Primaries
40mm Pulse, 42mm Plasma, 43mm Pulse, Disruptor
Bank Guns Standard Loadout
2nd 4 60mm Pulse
Compatible Primaries
40mm Pulse, 42mm Plasma, 43mm Pulse, 60mm Pulse, Disruptor
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 6 EA Bulldog
2nd 6 EA Bulldog
Compatible Secondaries
EA Venom 1, EA Venom 2, EA Bulldog