EA G.O.D. Satellite

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The EA G.O.D. Satellite


Tech Room Description

The Global Orbital Defense grid is a network of satellites that surround the Earth. In the years following the Earth Minbari War, defense planners had the tricky proposition of how to defend Earth from attack. The Minbari showed just how easy it was to penetrate Earth's defenses and the Earth Alliance needed a permanent network that could be ready at a moments notice. The G.O.D Satellites as they are are better known combine a number of weapons in their potential arsenal. A heavy particle beam weapon, one of the most powerful weapons created by the Earth Alliance, and a powerful contender against even Minbari weapons, is the primary weapon of the defense satellite. In addition, a multi-launch missile system can fire a barrage of missiles at targets within Earth space. Using linked targeting and fire control, the entire grid can simultaneously engage and prioritize targets for maximum defensive fire. During the Earth Civil War, the G.O.D network had an unfortunate side effect in its effectiveness when President Clark turned the defense grid against Earth. Since then, several failsafe systems have been created to ensure that this situation never happens again.

Veteran Comments



Type Defense Platform
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity N/A
Armor Light Capital
Hitpoints 32000
Length ???


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA Particle Beam 1
EA Nemesis LG 4
EA Nemesis SM 2
EA Medium Pulse Turret 2 3