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The EA Nova-Class


Tech Room Description

The Dreadnought of Earth Alliance fleet was supposed to make the EA military invincible. Confidence after the Dilgar War victory led to the Nova Dreadnought design which essentially was a vessel constructed with as many plasma turrets as possible. The military needed a battleship capable of supporting ground attacks as well as bringing overwhelming firepower to space confrontations. Unfortunately, it was underpowered for the weaponry mounted on the ship and when the Earth Minbari War broke out it was hopelessly outmatched by the Sharlin Warcruisers. Most of the Nova class was destroyed. Although a few still survive, the remaining Nova hulls still under construction were modified to create the Omega class destroyer following the war.

Veteran Comments



Type Drednought
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability poor
Max Velocity 30 mps
Armor Heavy Capital
Hitpoints 120000
Length ?


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA Heavy Plasma Turret 16
EA Plasma Launcher 4