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The EA Olympus-Class


Tech Room Description

The Earth Alliance Corvette Olympus has served the fleet for many years. Its undergone many refits and upgrades and served well during the Earth Minbari War. It is equipped with pulse cannons, a rail gun, and secondary loadouts. The mission of the Olympus is to provide escort support to larger ships and to convoys, a role which it excelled at during the Dilgar war. In the Earth Minbari War, the Olympus class was nearly wiped out, but after the war, several of the class were constructed and it has served faithfully as a border patrol vessel.

Veteran Comments



Type Corvette
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability Very Good
Max Velocity 35 mps
Armor Light Capital
Hitpoints 35000
Length ?


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA Light Rail Gun 1
EA Medium Pulse Turret 4
EA Vengeance 2