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The EA Poseidon-Class


Tech Room Description

While the Omega prototypes were still in field testing, Earth Force Commanders sought to add to their fleet a class of ship capable of comanding an entire battlegroup from outside core Earth Alliance space. The Omegas would provide the backbone of the new Post-War fleet, as well as providing a long range patrol vessel, but could not function as a large scale flagship. Seeking to remidy this shortoming, the Senate approved construction of the Posseidon class supper-carrier, which would not only contain all on-board facilities for Generals and Admirals to command large scale fleet deployments, but also be a home for four times the number of fighter squadrons carried by the Omega. To avoid drawing supplies for the Omegas, design engineers were able to incorporate components from uncompleted Nova class hulls, which could not be converted to the Omega design. For a warship of its size, the Poseidon mounts relatively few turrets, incorporating a pair of X-Ray Laser weapons on either side of its broad forward hull, as well as four phalanx defence turrets near the habitat and engine section. Fortunately, with its vast number of fighter squadrons and support ships guarding it, a Poseidon is rarely threatenned by an assault, and only enters combat as a last resort. Only five of these vessels have been commissioned into Earth Force service.

Veteran Comments



Type Carrier
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability poor
Max Velocity 30 mps
Armor Heavy Capital
Hitpoints 150000
Length ?


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
EA XRay Laser 2
EA Phalanx 4