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The Earth Alliance is Sol's superpower, emerged after several conflicts to dominate the system. The EA appears several times throughout official Inferno campaigns, both in the old and new continuities, with the only exceptions of INFA. It's also featured in non-INF-canon campaigns, like the popular Sol: A History.

INF Canon

Old Continuity

Inferno: Release 1

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The old INFR1 release shows outdated EA models, weaponry, tactics and skills. In the single, official INFR1 campaign the EA was not a powerful opponent and only a few episodes involving the EASD Nemesis, flagship of the EA fleet, contributed significantly to turning the Earth Alliance into a fearsome entity.

New Continuity

Inferno: Alliance Standalone

Later in INFASA, but not in the main campaign, an extremely young Earth Alliance attempts to forget the previous war, culminated in the destruction of the GTD Megaera, to focus the attentions on its dangerous neighbor—the Jovian Coalition.

Inferno: Alliance 2

INFA2 will show the EA as it becomes the main authority in Sol, during a violent conflict against the Jovian Coalition.

INFA2's EA will be different from the one featured in INFR1 or INF SCP. The "mature" Earth Alliance that will engage the GTVA in a tremendous war is the result of the fusion between INFA2's EA and Jovian Coalition. Many of the EA's weapons seen in INF SCP will be used by the JC only during INFA2.

Inferno SCP

In Inferno SCP, the Earth Alliance will show most of its fearsome technology and combat tactics to overwhelm its opponents with impunity.

The Inferno team has agreed on turning the New Continuity's EA into a formidable foe for the GTVA from the very beginning. The GTVA will suffer severe casualties during the war.


Old Continuity

Sol: A History

In S:AH, the Earth Alliance emerges later. Unlike the EA featured in newer INF canon releases, there are no apparent technological connections between it and the Jovian Coalition. In S:AH, the EA relies on technological superiority and covert operations to achieve its objectives.

New Continuity