Earth Alliance (INF)

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The Earth Alliance is Sol's superpower, an expansionist military government that came to power by main force. It's also featured in non-INF-canon campaigns, like the popular Sol: A History.

INF Canon

Inferno: Release 1

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The old INFR1 release shows outdated EA models, weaponry, tactics and skills. In the single, official INFR1 campaign the EA was not a powerful opponent and only a few episodes involving the EASD Nemesis, flagship of the EA fleet, contributed significantly to turning the Earth Alliance into a fearsome entity.


Old Continuity

Sol: A History

In S:AH, the Earth Alliance emerges later. Unlike the EA featured in newer INF canon releases, there are no apparent technological connections between it and the Jovian Coalition. In S:AH, the EA relies on technological superiority and covert operations to achieve its objectives.

New Continuity