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The maximum numbers of certain types of entities that can exist in the FS2_Open engine. Please note that 'Inferno' refers to INF builds, developed to boost engine limits. Starting with FS2_Open 3.6.10 these builds can be used in Multiplayer, older builds are not capable of joining the servers due to several incompatibilities. In addition, Inferno and regular builds are incompatible to each other in Multiplayer; someone using an Inferno build will not be able to play with someone using a regular build and vice versa. Those builds are named after the Inferno mod, but are extensively used by many other projects, like TBP. Inferno builds will become the standard, starting at FS2_Open revision 3.7, with 3.6.12 being the last version to be distributed both in normal and Inferno variants.


The overall limits of the various subsystem managers.

Name Limit
Textures 4750
Sound tracks 30
Sounds No Limit


The maximum types of an entity that can exist in the table

Name Limit
Standard Inferno
Ship Classes 130 250
Weapon Classes 200 300
Beam Sections 5
Object Types 16
IFFs 10
AI Profiles 5
Hud Gauges 64
Intelligence Entries 75
Debriefing 2,000 Characters per Stage

Please Note - Although not hardcoded, there are limits to the numbers of ‎ .tbm files that the game will recognize.


The maximum number of objects that can exist in a mission at any given time (except for ships and waypoints, which apply to the whole mission).

Name Limit
Objects 2000
Ships 400
Weapons 700
Beams 500
Waypoints Per Path 20
Waypoint Paths 32


The maximum number wings or ships in a wing that can exist

Name Limit
Wings 75
Ships per Wing 6
Starting Wings 3
Squadron Wings 5
TvT Teams 2
TvT Wings per Team 1
TvT Wings 2


The maximum number of models that can exist at one time

Name Limit
Standard Inferno
Polygon Models 128 300

The maximum number of a certain entity that can exist within a model

Name Limit
Textures 64
Ship Primary Banks 3
Ship Secondary Banks 4
Firing Points Per-Bank 25
Debris Chunks 64

Sub-Weapon Types

The maximums for the sub types of weapons.

Type Max Instances
Corkscrew Missiles 64
Swarm Missiles 100