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The maximum numbers of certain types of entities that can exist in the FS2_Open engine


The maximum types of an entity that can exist in the table

Name Limit
Standard Inferno
Ship Classes 130 250
Weapon Classes 200 300
Beam Shots 5
Object Types 16
IFFs 10
AI Profiles 5
Cutscenes 10
Hud Gauges 64
Intelligence Entries 30


The maximum number of objects that can exist in a mission

Name Limit
Objects 1000
Ships 400
Weapons 350
Beams 500


The maximum number wings or ships in a wing that can exist

Name Limit
Wings 75
Ships per Wing 6
Starting Wings 3
Squadron Wings 5
TvT Teams 2
TvT Wings per Team 1
TvT Wings 2


The maximum number of models that can exist at one time

Name Limit
Standard Inferno
Polygon Models 128 300

The maximum number of a certain entity that can exist within a model

Name Limit
Textures 64
Ship Primary Banks 3
Ship Secondary Banks 4