Enter the Dragon

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Fighter squadron:


The Shivans have established quite a base of operations in the Deneb system. They have multiple supply depots scattered across the system, as well as several repair centers for their damaged fighters.
Each of their repair stations consists of a Cain-class cruiser and extra supplies. The Shakti is one such cruiser in the area.
All fighters in the area around the Shakti are badly damaged and in need of repair. This makes them easy targets. One of our objectives is to put this repair station out of commission. This will greatly reduce Shivan capacity in the Deneb system.
One of the fighters being repaired by the Shakti is a Dragon-class fighter, designated "Arjuna 1." The Dragon is the Shivans' most maneuverable craft, and the most dangerous.
Intelligence has requested that we capture the Dragon for research purposes. Since the Arjuna 1 Dragon is very low on power, it is in a weakened state, and is the best candidate for this operation. You must disable Arjuna 1 by destroying its engine subsystem.
Once Arjuna 1 has been disabled, the Charon will dock with it and jump back to the Galatea. We must capture Arjuna 1. We cannot allow it to be destroyed. To this end, we've equipped it with our advanced disruptor cannon. Use it to take out its engines.
Since this station is so poorly defended, we are only sending Alpha and Beta to attack. Alpha will cover Beta until the Shakti has been destroyed. Then Alpha will attempt to disable Arjuna 1.
If Alpha fails to disable Arjuna 1, Delta wing will be available. As Delta is currently guarding the Bastion, we will only send them if it is imperative. However, we believe you can do it without their help.
Because we are custom outfitting your ship, you will not be able to customize your loadout. You have your orders. Dismissed.


Okay, here goes; attack the fighters but disregard Arjuna 1. Order all of your wingmen to disable it while you go about your business; even on Insane, your friendlies can easily disable the Dragon, which saves you a lot of trouble. You should have no need to call in Delta, which is only armed with Disruptors.

Once all fighters are taken care of, destroy the Morkali, an Azrael docked with Shakti. Then kill sentries, cargo for fun, and join in against the Shakti.

When the Lorkonius (an Azrael Transport, or see Alternative Missions) jumps in, order all wingmen to kill it. If you don't, you won't have time to kill it. It only stays for about 45 seconds (see Alternate Missions for alternative scenarios). You may have to keep hitting C-3-1 every 10-20 seconds because your wingmen tend to go off-task. By now the Charon should have jumped out carrying Arjuna 1. Once in a blue moon the Centaur will be disabled by the Cain's turret fire, in which case you'll have to restart the mission.

Or, if you've chosen to disable Arjuna 1 yourself, now's the time. It's a special Dragon table entry with no energy recharge, so once you hit the shields, the damage is permanently done. Be patient!

Alternate Missions

If any of the freighters in the previous mission jumped out, the Lorkonius now becomes an Asmodeus class freighter instead of a transport. Despite this however, this Lorkonius sticks around much longer, meaning that you WILL have time to destroy it. This is the second time in the campaign in which failing an objective in the previous mission actually benefits the next.


Eliminating the Lorkonius will make the next mission a little easier. If you fail to do so, there will be another Dragon on patrol in Playing Judas, although it will be flying "below" the jump node and you're unlikely to come near it.

Notable ships present