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Fighter squadron:


The Eva has entered the Deneb system. She is fully armed and poised to attack the Deneb-Vasuda Prime Jump Node.
She is protected by Arjuna and Krishna wings.
Alpha wing will lead an attack squadron to destroy the Eva. Alpha wing will fly bombers. Gamma and Beta will cover them.
We suggest you damage the weapons system on the Eva before you launch your Tsunami bombs. This will prevent the Eva from shooting them down.
You may need to call in a support ship to rearm yourself. It is estimated that at least twenty Tsunami bombs will be needed to take the Eva down.
Destroying the Eva is imperative. With the Lucifer in the system as well, we cannot tolerate the presence of another Shivan capital ship.
Good luck.


Destroy Arjuna wing first, then take out Krishna wing. After these wings are eliminated fly to the Demon's weak spot, the totally undefended area inside the "tentacles" near the fighterbay. Go there and destroy the Eva's weapon subsystem, which will render her weapons totally inaccurate.

Kill the stray fighters that jump in and between breaks unload on the Eva. When the Eva goes below 20% hull integrity, call in a support ship. By that time you will probably gotten the "hurry up" call from the Galatea. Simply ignore it, you'll do fine. Once the Eva is eliminated, you will be sent directly to the next mission without debriefing preaching and such. You'll have the same amount of ordnance at the beginning of the next mission as when you leave this one. That is why I told you to rearm yourself.


For really cheap players, this mission is one of the few that allows cheating—as in "cheat code"—without it affecting campaign progress. If you want to give yourself Shivan Super Lasers in this mission and the next, go right ahead. If you're so inclined.

Some of your wingmen jump out at the end of the mission and therefore don't appear in the following red-alert, yet another FRED screwup.

Notable ships present