Exodus (FS1)

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Fighter squadron:


Pilot Attend: As you know, Vasuda Prime has been devastated. Our focus must now turn to the evacuation of the survivors. You are to take your wing to the subspace node cluster in the Alpha Centauri system.
There are 3 subspace nodes in this sector. They lead to Vasuda, Aldebaran, and Sirius. Civilians will be transported from Vasuda to Aldebaran.
Vasudan warships will travel to and from both the Sirius and Vasuda Jump points.
Because of the strategic importance of this system, we expect the Shivans to try and secure it quickly. You will ensure the safe passage of all Allied vessels in the area. Additional orders will be sent to you as they arise.


Again, this is a very simple strategy. Stay with the ships you are supposed to escort, and then kill the Shivans when they jump in. First you will escort Kappa wing. Then you will escort another Kappa wing. Then Mu wing will jump in. The third Kappa wing will pass through the sector. Then you will escort Theta wing. Finally a break in routine.

The Cain and the Abel will jump in (Cain and Lilith classes, in that order). Destroy them. Then the Mecross will jump in. When the Shivans attack, go for the Nephilim bombers first. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you kill the Basilisks first, then the Mecross will be toast and you will have wasted 15 minutes of your life. Kill the Nephilim bombers first.

There are Vasudan fighter wings who will help with escorting some convoys. Some of these wings can be given orders. For at least the Horus wing a "Cover Me" order can prevent them jumping out, making the rest of the mission much easier.


This is, bar none, the longest mission in the game. Further, on easier difficulty settings the mission is almost entirely automatic. Your wingmen are perfectly capable of completing the mission all by their lonesome. If you're so inclined, you can set the difficulty level to "Very Easy", throttle off into safety, enable X4 time compression, put your feet on the table, loosen your tie and enjoy the show. If you're so inclined.

Since you won't need to hurry from one node to another, you can afford to be in a Herc with two banks of Prometheus cannons. Your mere firepower will win you many, many kills in this mission. (I don't recommend the Banshee, as it eats too much energy).

Notable ships present

  • PVC Mecross
  • SC Abel
  • SC Cain