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* [[FreeSpace_2_Shivan_Ship_Database#SCv_Abraxis|SCv Abraxis]]
* [[FreeSpace_2_Shivan_Ship_Database#SCv_Abraxis|SCv Abraxis]]
* [[FreeSpace_2_Shivan_Ship_Database#SC_Gibborim|SC Gibborim]]
* [[FreeSpace_2_Shivan_Ship_Database#SC_Gibborim|SC Gibborim]]
==New Equipment==
* [[GTF Ares]] if you completed [[Into the Lions' Den]]
* [[GTF Erinyes]] if you skipped SOC Loop 2
* [[GTW UD-8 Kayser]] if you skipped SOC Loop 2
[[Category:Main Freespace 2 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main Freespace 2 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron: 70th Blue Lions
Description: A convoy in transit from Capella to Epsilon Pegasi has been attacked by Shivans. The 70th are sent in to oversee their successful transit.


A convoy consisting of two transports, a medical frigate and a freighter has been attacked by Shivans on their evacuation from Capella to the Epsilon Pegasi jump node. The convoy's only escort, the GVCv Nebtuu, has called in for reinforcements, so Alpha wing of the 70th Blue Lions have been sent in.


You should use a fighter that can be loaded out with the GTW UD-8 Kayser, GTW Maxim and GTM Trebuchet. The GTF Ares, if you completed SOC Loop 2, or the GTF Erinyes are good choices. If you choose the Erinyes, you can try loading out one of its secondary banks with Tempest missiles, and the other with Trebuchets.

The moment you enter the mission, you will see a severely-damaged GVCv Nebtuu attacking the SCv Abraxis. Quickly target the Abraxis' front beam cannon and destroy it with dual Trebuchets. If you do not do this fast enough, the Nebtuu will be destroyed, making the mission much harder.

Your primary objective in this mission is to make sure that Lambda 1 and 2, two GTT Argo transports, and the GTM Vesalius, a Hippocrates-class medical frigate, make it to the Epsilon Pegasi jump node. Your secondary objective is to ensure the safe passage of the Sulla, a Triton-class freighter.

You should order your wingmen to protect the Nebtuu first, although it is highly unlikely that the corvette can hold off even a single wave of bombers. When the Nebtuu does go down, order your wingmen to protect Lambda 1. This transport will be the focus of most, if not all, of the bombers.

The key to this mission is being systematic. Remember which bombers you fire your Trebuchets at and use only your guns on them. As this mission is almost completely dominated by the arrival of bombers, you should also use your Bomb key often to target bombers and incoming warheads.

Do also keep in mind that you have no reinforcements for this mission, so make sure that both Alphas 2 and 3 stay alive for as long as possible.

At about two to three minutes, the Gibborim, a Cain-class cruiser, will jump in from Epsilon Pegasi. For the moment, you can ignore it even though you are issued a directive to destroy its beam cannons; if you stray more than three kilometers from the convoy, Command will lecture you. Keep a few Trebuchets to destroy its main beam cannon and continue pursuing any nearby Shivan fighters and bombers. Once the cruiser gets within the Trebuchet's aspect lock range, set your missiles to dual-fire mode, target its main beam cannon and fire a salvo. This should take out its main beam cannon. If not, fly ahead of the convoy and destroy it.

By the time you destroy the Gibborim, the rest of the mission should be pretty easy. Escort the four ships and take out any Shivans that jump in, prioritizing bombers. Once the four ships have made the jump to Epsilon Pegasi, you may return to base.


  • Although the Sulla is carrying destructible cargo, you will not be penalized as long as the freighter makes it to the jump node.

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