Exodus (FS2)

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Fighter squadron:


People are fleeing Cappella like mad and it's up to Alpha 1, the new leader of the 70th Blue Lions to save the day!


I personally prefer the Ares for this mission for a few reasons.

    a) It has more firepower than a Herc II and less than an Erinyes.
    b) It has a massive secondary bank in which you can stash all the trebuchets you'll ever need.
    c) Luckily, speed really isn't an issue. (Because, not despite this is an intercept mission.)

As for the weapon loadout I would recommend a kayser in the bigger slot and a subach in the smaller. This'll make quick work of pretty much everybody. As for the secondaries, load up on trebuchets. Yee-ha!

Alrighty, first off, this can be an extremely overwhelming mission the first time around, but if you know how to fly it becomes an absolute cake run. Right as you jump in you are greeting by the Nebtuu finishing off the Abraxis, a Moloch class corvette. Don't bother with its frontal beam cannon because it only shoots at the Nebtuu. You are also greeted by a nice wing of Nahemas about ready to launch their ordinance. Make sure you have your trebuchets are on single-fire for the Nahemas, and let it go at which ever you have targetted. Move onto the next bomber making sure it's a different one, and then the next. A trebuchet will finish off a Nahema on most difficulties, but if not, they'll warm it up for your lasers to blast it away. After you've shot a trebuchet at all Nahemas* there, check for bombs using your "B" key by default and eliminate any warheads inbound.

Note: Sometimes the Abraxis isn't killed off by the Nebtuu for a while which really screws things up. I usually just start over.

  • The key to this mission is being systematic. Remember which bombers you unload your trebuchets at and don't waste more on them. You can waste a lot of intercepting time by sitting behind bombers at full health and just shooting at them.

After that initial firefight, a couple more wings of Nahemas will jump in rapid succession, and due to their short distance, you may not be able to use your trebuchets effectively. Don't panic, just remind your wingmen that they are not spectators and check periodically for bombs.

After a little bit more of this, a Cain class cruiser will enter from the jump node you are trying to reach, and command will warn you of its fearsome Sred! Don't worry about taking out its beam immediately, because you'll probably have to adjust your angle, and More nahemas are about to jump in anyway, some close, some at a distance. Just follow your gut as what you want to prioritize, but BE SYSTEMATIC!

In just a bit longer some seraphim (one wing) will jump in quite a ways off. Fire two trebuchets at each but don't pursue them; some more Nahemas are inbound close to the freighters which you should be able to neutralize fairly quickly. (Remember to check for bombs! Now would also be a good time to take down the Cain's main beam turret.)

With those pesky Nahemas history, turn your attention to the seraphim and let loose a heaping helping of your unbridled fury!

Now I'm not sure if the next bit is a FRED mess-up, but if so, it's certainly welcome. You get quite a bit of down time, except for a small ways off from the node a Mara and a Nahema. (Strange, no?)

Notable ships present