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===[[FreeSpace 1]]===
*[[Exodus]], a ''Descent: FreeSpace'' mission
*[[Exodus (ST)]], a mission for ''[[Silent Threat]]''
===[[FreeSpace 2]]===
'''FreeSpace 1'''
*[[Exodus (FS2)]], a ''FreeSpace 2'' mission
*[[Exodus (FS1)]], the 21st mission of the main campaign
*Music track number two of the game
*[[Exodus (ST)]], the 9th mission of ''[[Silent Threat]]''
'''FreeSpace 2'''
===[[Silent Threat: Reborn]]===
*[[Exodus (FS2)]], the 26th mission of the main campaign
*[[Exodus (ST:R)]], a ''[[Silent Threat: Reborn]]'' mission
*'''Exodus''', a music track
[[Category:Disambiguation pages]]
*[[Exodus (ST:R)]], the 12th mission of ''[[Silent Threat: Reborn]]''

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Exodus (disambiguation) can mean one of the following things:

FreeSpace 1

FreeSpace 2

  • Exodus (FS2), the 26th mission of the main campaign
  • Exodus, a music track