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What is the FRED Academy and what is its purpose?

The FRED Academy is an attempt by the community to help develop the skills of new FREDders. Too often new people join the community and work for a little while on a campaign, before getting bored by the solitude of working on a mod single-handed and leave. The idea of the academy is to let these people work as part of a team on their first few missions while simultaneously helping improve their skills. People who just want to brush up their FREDding skills are also welcome to join.

The Academy will serves as a place where the hosted campaigns can spot talented new FREDders and sign them up.

How does the Academy work?

Basically the FREDders write missions for one of the campaigns described in the FRED Academy main thread. The missions are then playtested by the other members of the Academy and passers-by looking for missions to play. They post their impressions of the mission. What worked, what didn't and if any bugs were found. In addition to this general testing, missions will also be tested by some of the more able FREDders in the community. Not only will these people spot bugs etc. but they will be on hand to advise on how to correct them.

How can I enter the FRED Academy?



  • You can contact Karajorma by sending him a Private message via Hard Light Productions. You may alternatively contact TopAce or Mobius for help.