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| style="width:120px" |Turret Type
| style="width:120px" |Turret Type
| style="width:60px" |Amount
| style="width:60px" |Amount
|- align="center"
| HA Railgun
| 1
|- align="center"
|- align="center"
| FTC MD Railgun
| FTC MD Railgun
| 4
| 12
|- align="center"
| M-3A Strelka
| 10
|- align="center"
| M-6G Valkyria
| 6
|- align="center"
| FTC Plasma Turret
| 15

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All information related to the FTI Dzungaria is non-canon.
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The Dzungaria-class Installation


Tech Room Description

Intended as a full-blown military outpost, Lyseria-Vennis Heavy Engineering designed Dzungaria-class installation with the intention to replace Nareos stations in front line positions. The design was ultimately rejected by the Commonwealth due to lack of versatility outside of wartime, and the fact that dedicated military strongholds in the Outer Rim were considered laughable due to the ever shifting frontier of Terran-controlled space. Despite pressure from the Commonwealth, Lyseria-Vennis continues to offer to construct these stations for the highest bidder.


  • Model by Starman01

Developer Notes

Originally named Colossus.


Type Installation
Hitpoints 95000
Shields 0
Length 2612m
Width 2612m
Height 3750m


Dimensional Eclipse
Turret Type Amount
FTC MD Railgun 12

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