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==New equipment==
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[[Category: Blue Planet]]
[[Category: Blue Planet]]

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Fighter squadron: Vishnan Great Psyche

Description: Sam and his Vishnan allies come to the rescue of the Orestes, cornered by the Lucifer.


The destruction of the Orestes is imminent. You must intervene to save your father and the thousands of lives under his command.


Your allies - including the Vishnan Arbiters - should be able to handle themselves well. Focus on taking out the Lucifer's reactors. Remember, your shields are extremely resilient and recharge very quickly, so if you're in trouble, boost power.


This mission is foreshadowed almost perfectly by 'Curse of Prescience.'

For unknown reasons, the Lucifer's shielding system is inoperative. This is almost certainly due to FREDding reasons: the ship should not be invulnerable (because beams can likely pierce its shields), but the model lacks a shield mesh.

Total number of forces

Forces involved

GTVA 14th Battlegroup/Vishnans Shivans
  • GTD Orestes
  • GTCv Boreas
  • GTCv Miranda
  • GTC Persephone
  • GTL Fortune
  • Vishnan Sacred Keeper
  • Vishnan Arbiters
  • Multiple fighters
  • Multiple fighters and bombers
  • SD Lucifer
  • SD Hyde