Famous Persons in Blue Planet

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

The central figures of the Blue Planet universe are listed here. Please note that this article spoils the content of the Blue Planet campaigns.

Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius

Samuel Bei Cheow Keng

Philip Corey

Mina Taylor

Bei Wen Jian

Orestes Control

Voiced by Dekker

What is known to most pilots serving the Orestes simply as "Orestes Control" is personified by this man in his late twenties. Matter-of-factly and to the point, "Orestes Control" conveys orders from GTVA Command and the Commanding Officer of the Orestes to all pilots under the Orestes's charge in the most efficient and accurate manner that is humanely possible.

Katashi Iwakura

Blue Planet: War in Heaven

Noemi Laporte

Lorna Simms

Karen Ng'Mei

Robert Byrne

Kyle Netreba


Chiwetel Steele

Admiral Chiwetel Steele is the Fleet Officer of the GTVA's 15th Terran Battlegroup and Commanding Officer of its flagship, the GTD Atreus. Steele is a master strategist and well-intentioned extremist, able to play an unusual game of "subspace chess" with the top brass of the Federation and emerge triumphant, as well as single-handedly dealing with two of the Federation's three fleet Admirals on his own, and makes no secret about his intentions to end disputes as quickly as possible by full-scale attacks in order to minimise casualties on both sides. Steele's competence ironically outstrips his ability to secure the loyalty of his subordinates, who find him unnerving and erratic in spite of considerable personal charm, but in many cases the results he gets have earned him both considerable political clout and significant command credibility.


Martin Mandho