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The characters of the Freespace Universe. Spoilers for the main Freespace campaigns and an assortment of user campaigns follow.

Freespace 1

  • Admiral Po: CO of the GTD Intrepid and former commander of the Silent Threat player character.
  • Admiral Scott: CO of the GTD Krios and a GTI officer. Scott was killed by GTI during the events of Silent Threat.
  • Admiral Shima: CO of the GTD Bastion and the player's commander following the destruction of the Galatea.
  • Admiral Wolf: CO of the GTD Galatea. The Galatea was destroyed and Wolf killed when it was ambushed by the SD Lucifer shortly before the Shivan invasion of Vasuda.
  • Lieutenant McCarthy: Traitor who attempted to sell the GTW Avenger prototype to the PVN.

Freespace 2

  • Admiral Bosch: Former commander of the Epsilon Pegasi 6th Fleet. Bosch abandoned the GTVA in 2366 and initiated a coup in Polaris, forming the Neo-Terran Front on a basis of anti-Vasudan sentiment and longing for a Terran homeworld like the lost Sol. When the tide turned against his insurrection, Bosch fled Allied space and escaped into the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis. There, he proceeded to carry out his true goal: communicating with the Shivans, using his ETAK project, which had its origins in the Hades Rebellion of GTI. Following a successful communication with the SC Rephaim, Bosch arranged a meeting with Shivans aboard the NTF Iceni, his command ship. The Shivan 'diplomats' slaughtered his men and abducted Bosch and a few of his officers. The Iceni was later found by ships from the 13th Battle Group and the survivors rescued. Bosch's fate, however, is unknown. Bosch is intelligent, musing on the nature of humanity and the history of the Ancients in monologues throughout the main FS2 campaign. He's a competent tactician and commander, fairly knowledgeable at the very least with regards to Ancient artifacts, and a charismatic leader. He also has no qualms about manipulating his men, as Bosch does not possess the hatred of Vasudans that he uses to attract soldiers to his cause.
  • Admiral Khafre: CO of the GVD Psamtik and commander of the 13th Battle Group of Deneb. Khafre assisted Admiral Petrarch with the campaign against the Shivans in Gamma Draconis and beyond.
  • Admiral Petrarch: CO of the GTD Aquitane and commander of the 3rd Fleet of Capella. Petrarch helped Admiral Khafre in the fight against the Neo-Terran Front in Deneb at the start of the main campaign.
  • Emperor Khonsu II: Head of state of the PVE following the end of the Great War. Khonsu dissolved the Vasudan Parliament in 2339, ending a Byzantine institution of backstabbing and corruption and replacing it with a constitutional monarchy. His reforms were instrumental in the Vasudan recovery during the Reconstruction.
  • Captain Arthur Roemig: CO of the NTC Trinity. On Admiral Bosch's orders, Roemig activated the Knossos portal and entered the nebula. Several days later, the Trinity was discovered by the 107th Ravens of the GTD Aquitane.
  • Commander Beckett: Squadron leader of the 64th Raptors, a bomber squadron.
  • Commander Habu: Squadron leader of the 203rd Scorpions, a space superiority squadron.
  • Commander Vincey: Squadron leader of the 134th Barracudas, a combat evaluation unit or CEU.
  • Doctor Mina Hargrove: Leader of the research team investigating the Knossos portal in Gamma Draconis.
  • Lieutenant Commander Christopher Snipes: SOC operative undercover as squadron leader of the 185th in the Neo-Terran Front. Snipes, with the help of the player, acquired scans of the NTF Iceni and orchestrated the capture of the NTT Sunder before being reassigned. Snipes was aboard the NTT Grall when it entered the Shivan nebula and had to be rescued by SOC. Afterwards, he led a recon mission in the system beyond the second Knossos portal.
  • Lieutenant Commander Cordova: Squadron leader of the 242nd Suicide Kings, an interecept squadron. Formed following the development of the GTF Valkyrie, the Suicide Kings were stationed aboard the GTD Galatea and, in 2335, participated in the capture of the traitor Lieutenant McCarthy.
  • Lieutenant Commander Jack Niven: Squadron leader of the NTF 185th fighter squadron after Lieutenant Commander Snipes is reassigned.
  • Lieutenant Loukakis: Squadron leader of the 53rd Hammerheads, a space superiority squadron that can trace its history back to the Great War and the GTD Bastion. Loukakis has been known to pose as a captain on occasion.
  • Lieutenant Samsa: Squadron leader of the 107th Ravens, a heavy assault squadron.
  • Xinny: SOC pilot that accompanies Snipes into the Shivan binary system.
  • Zero: SOC pilot that accompanies Snipes into the Shivan binary system.

User Campaigns


  • Captain Jonas Ekestam (Derelict): CO of the GTCv Escher and GTVI officer. Ekestam oversees the player's insertion into the Altair mercenary group and the arrival of the Nyarlathotep in Tau Sigma.
  • Lieutenant "Mackie" (Derelict): Ever-present pilot in Alpha wing. Sarcastic and distrustful of Command, Mackie has been embittered by life in the boondocks, and has a long-standing grudge against duct tape.
  • Lieutenant Tom Faulkner (Derelict): SOC operative undercover in a mercenary outfit in Altair.

Shrouding the Light

  • Admiral Amentep (Shrouding the Light): CO of the PVD Guardian and commander of the newly-formed 13th Battle Group of Deneb. Amentep leads the battle against the Deneb cell of the Hammer of Light guerilla organisation.
  • Admiral Imutef (Shrouding the Light): CO of the PVD Pinnacle and commander of the 1st Battle Group of Vasuda.
  • Admiral Mallory (Shrouding the Light): CO of the GTD Ironclad and commander of the newly-formed 9th Fleet of Sirius. Mallory is killed by Hammer of Light terrorists shortly after his arrival in Deneb, pursuing remnants of the rebel faction 'the Sirian Confederacy.'
  • Commodore Cooper (Shrouding the Light): CO of the GTC Actaeon and commander of the 9th Fleet detachment in Deneb following Mallory's death. Cooper is frustrated by the obtuse nature of the Vasudans and just wants to sort everything out as quickly as possible, although this often just makes things worse.
  • Ensign Khem (Shrouding the Light): Pilot in Alpha wing and former lieutenant. Khem is openly contemptuous of both the Terrans and the PVN leadership. His idols include Officer Khafre, who dislikes Terrans, and Officer Senbi, who dislikes the PVN brass. Khem abandoned refugees fleeing Vasuda Prime in favour of fighting Shivans.
  • Ensign Rath (Shrouding the Light): Pilot in Alpha wing. During the fall of Vasuda, Rath refused to join Khem and Senbi in fighting the Lucifer and instead escorted a group of civilians to safety.
  • Ensign Tet (Shrouding the Light): Pilot in Alpha wing. Calm and sober, Tet often finds himself opposed to Ensign Khem in all kinds of ways - in attitudes to the Terrans, the Hammer of Light, the PVN... Tet is dutiful and quietly competent, unlike his peer.
  • Officer Harakhti (Shrouding the Light): Security Director (commander of PVN special operations) for the PVD Guardian.
  • Officer Khafre (Shrouding the Light): Squadron leader of the 39th Protectors. Assigned the task of handling relations between the 13th and the 9th in Deneb, Khafre's contempt of the Terrans jeopardises the security of the system from the Hammer of Light.
  • Officer Senbi (Shrouding the Light): Officer who defects from the PVN in the hope of saving Vasuda Prime from the SD Lucifer. He is killed in action by the SD Gehreleth.

Officer Zahur (Shrouding the Light): Assistant to Admiral Imutef.