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Any information read on any of the sites indicated below are not considered canon, because all of them are fan sites.


Has been in existence since 2001, this site has the largest and most popular forum to talk about items related to FreeSpace. This is also the location of several projects, usually referred as hosted projects. The site also has a mild amount of mods uploaded in the main page, but links to almost all possible mods can be reached from the forums in different threads.
Some well known projects hosted here are the Source Code Project, Diaspora, Blackwater Operations, Derelict, Blue Planet, and Inferno.
Contains information about the latest SCP builds as well as troubleshooting and numerous programs used for modding FreeSpace.
Game Warden was founded in October of 2004. It currently hosts the BSG project, the Starfox conversion and ED project, among others.
Volition Watch is one of the oldest FreeSpace fan sites known, containing a large amount of downloads from the apex times of FreeSpace. The site has gone dead since the closure of the VW Forums years ago, although will still be up for an undetermined period of time.
Covers general advice about anything related to FreeSpace, mostly FREDding, modelling and troubleshooting. You can also find useful links on this site.
This website is usually mentioned as Karajorma's FreeSpace FAQ
Main site of the dead Centaur Project. You can also find downloadable COB files of old Volition ships from here as well as some mission backgrounds.
Personal website administered by Swantz, with several older FreeSpace downloads.

Defunct Sites

Originally a subsidiary site to Planet Descent, Planet FreeSpace later left the Gamespy network to become FreeSpace Watch and subsequently grew into Volition Watch.
Small community and content site, founded by Maniax, hosted on the Telefragged network. Originally a staff member at Ross 128, Thunder founded Hard Light Productions soon after Ross 128 made its final update.
Valuable site for campaign and mission hunters, not only for those who are interested in modding FreeSpace on any level. This is the currently best-known collection of campaigns.
A comprehensive collection of FreeSpace mods. The mods are uploaded by requests or nomination. Visit the Hades Combine forums to make a request.