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Fighter squadrons first appeared in FreeSpace 2, but some squadrons are said to have taken part in the Great War, too. We have only a very few canon fighter squadrons, but remarkably more non-canon ones, used in User-made Campaigns.

An exact number of pilots to form a squadron is unknown, it is estimated to be 12, or any of its multiplicants. One flagship houses more than one squadrons, the GTD Aquitaine was housing five squadrons, according to the FreeSpace 2 main campaign.

Great War-era fighter squadrons



FreeSpace 2-era fighter squadrons

GTVA - Terran

GTVA - Vasudan


  • 185th

Non-canon fighter squadrons

Terran-Vasudan War-era squadrons

Great War-era

FreeSpace 2-era


212th Silver Scythes (Derelict)
122nd Gemini (Renegade Ressurgence)
76th Predators (Renegade Ressurgence)
96th Reptile (Renegade Ressurgence)
33rd Heavy Fighter Squadron (Cleaning Crew)

Notes to Wiki expanders

If you insert a non-canon squadron, please append the name of the campaign in brackets, if possible which gives a link to an internal or external source.

For example:
212th Scythes (Derelict)