First Contact

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Fighter squadron: 56 Squadron

Description: Samuel Bei investigates the disappearance of one of the Temeraire's scouting wings.


As you wake up from the nightmare, you realise that this nightmare about the Orestes's destruction is the same dream that you've had every night ever since you encountered the Sanctuary. You feel as if something bad is about to happen.

Rear-Admiral Carey summons you to quarterdeck where, due to the urgent nature of the task at hand, she addresses you directly. Over the past few hours, the Temeraire deployed several scouting wings to explore the area around the battlegroup and report any findings. One of these wings was sent to investigate a signal coming from another part of the system, and the destroyer lost contact with them not too long after they entered that area. Rear-Admiral Carey has ordered a Pegasus-class stealth fighter to be prepared for your immediate use. Your mission is to jump to the last known position of this scouting wing and determine their status. The admiral leaves a window of possibility that this may be a first contact mission; if so, she expects you to behave appropriately.


You can only use the GTF Pegasus for this mission.

When you jump in, you see two unknown ships, targetable on your radar. Target them, but do not get too close. Stay beyond 1400 metres of them, or you will risk both of them turning hostile and opening fire on you. If this happens, you must evade them long enough for your jump drive to recharge.

As you verbally describe these ships as being made of an alien crystalline substance than an organic compound and report a lack of life signs emanating from them, you realise that you have seen these ships before.

Shortly after your realisation, the two ships jump out. You receive authorisation to follow them deeper into the system. Jump out.


  • If the unknowns turn hostile and attack you and you jump back to base as commanded, the mission will be a success, but you will not be able to proceed to the second part of this mission.

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  • Unknown



Note: mission starts at 3 mins 51 secs