Flames of War - Chapter 1

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In development since: Like, forever:D (nah, 2 years)
Released: September 2004

Mods included:

  • FOW Ship pack
  • Custom squad logos pack
  • Custom nameplates
  • 3 FS1 music tracks

Number of Missions: 24


You are a young pilot assigned to the GTD Delacroix. The rebellion has been going on for almost 15 months now, and the fight with the NTF is in a stalemate. Follow the destroyer in it's war path against the NTF and witness it's destruction at the hands (claws?) of the Ravana..

After the ship is lost you join a newly formed Fast Response Task Force (all fast ships, including a strike carrier, so you move from system to system very often). Fighting the NTF and the shivans, your unit will travel across the known space hoping to shift the battles in the GTVA's favor.

Experience the battles you heard about in briefings and rumors and fight for the future of the GTVA!


The Legion Hulk big is still present, alltough fixed to an extent. It no more spins like crazy (when the Argo docks), killing everything in the vicinity. The Argo dock path is still strange and it will still carry the Legion into subspace with itself. All attempts at fixing his have failed. The bug won't interfere with the mission tough.

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