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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: With the Shivans pressing hard, and the GTD Orestes cut off in Delta Serpentis, the GTD Temeraire must make a desperate run for the Knossos in N362.


Retreat to Laramis is cut off by Shivan forces. As the Temeraire distracts Shivan forces at the Laramis node, the Nightwolves must escort the remainder of the battle group, including the Sanctuary, through the Knossos.

Trebuchet missiles are a tactical boon on this mission.


More than almost any other mission, Forced Entry requires situational awareness and good command of your wingmen.

Engage the Maras first. Once they're destroyed, eliminate one Rakshasa and then the other. Save your Trebuchets - you'll need them for later. As soon as the Duke jumps in, scramble at least one wing to defend it. As additional cruisers jump in, run a rolling escort: as ships jump out, move the defending wings to new arrivals.

The biggest threat is the Aeshmas with swarm missiles. Take those out yourself. Again, save your Trebuchets.

When the Lilith jumps in, use two Trebuchets to disable its main beam, then order your ships to ignore it.

The Sanctuary requires escort once it jumps in, but as soon as the Temeraire arrives, the Shivans will switch their attention to it. Order your wingmen to engage the enemy, then boost your engine power, hit your burners, and get to the Temeraire. Burn past it.

When the Abel arrives, use your Trebuchets to disable its beams - the two main beams, and then the two stinger beams on the rear. The Temeraire can then destroy the Abel with its torpedoes.

Watch out for Shivan bomb shockwaves.


This mission is extremely unforgiving, and can require trial-and-error playthroughs. If players aren't positioned to meet the Abel when it jumps in, failure is almost assured.

Informal polls on HLP have placed Forced Entry as one of the most popular missions in the Freespace community.

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This mission is the prototypical definition of 'awesome'. The music elevates it to a cinematic experience. Years after Blue Planet's release, Forced Entry is consistently cited as one of the best missions in the community.