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Fighter squadron: 82nd Nighthawks

Description: The GTA conducts a surprise attack on a secret shipyard in Delta Serpentis.


With Intelligence able to locate GTI's Research and Development Admiral Marcus Glaive and the GTD Repulse, a GTA strike team comes in to hopefully to dig up some of the dirtier secrets of the GTI...


The default loadout is sufficient to complete the mission. Another recommended ship is the GTB Athena (you get 10 Phoenix V missiles and 10 Stilettos as opposed to the Zeus's 5 and 10, but cannot use the Prometheus). You need heavy subsystem destruction power at a certain point. Fly intercept or heavy assault at your own risk.

Ideally, you can start the mission two ways: wait for the dialogue, start slowly, then go to burn all the way when friendly forces start engaging, or just rush in and attract the Loki fighters. If you want to avoid getting shot up too early, go with the first option.

You need to be very quick to disable the Repulse, else it'll jump out, failing the mission. Use the Phoenix missiles first, then the Stilettos. Request a support ship even before you run out of your Stilettos, then continue pounding the Repulse's engines. As soon as you're done with the engines, go for the Lokis. If you ignore them, they'll backstab and kill you more quickly than you're used to—they're armed with the Prometheus. Your wingmen can take care of the turrets.

The integrity of the Repulse's engine subsystem varies between 50 and 75%. It can help to keep restarting until the subsystem strength is at the lower end of this spectrum.

A reinforcement wing of Valkyries is on standby if you need assistance to get the Lokis off you or disarm the Repulse.

Engage the rebel transport and its Hercules escorts that destroy the first allied transport, then keep dogfighting until the mission is over.


  • One of the Repulse's main guns is a beam cannon.