Fortune Hunters - 2259

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Fortune Hunters - 2259 is a campaign for The Babylon Project and a part of the Fortune Hunters Trilogy.


The player assumes the role of an human pilot in his or her 40ies, who, being to old for military service, is leading an unusual group of outlaws calling themselves the Fortune Hunters, a Raider Group operating in Earth Alliance space. Despite being a criminal, the main character dislikes what he or she is forced to do to make a living, becoming frustrated with his or her current lifestyle. Always trying to keep the death toll to a minimum, the player's tasks include planning and executing clever raids on cargo vessels, kill competetors, stealing various goods and escaping local military forces. However the events of the year 2259, the second season of the B5 television show, start to change the universe, affecting empires and individuals alike and the Hunters are caught in the crossfire. And they present a chance to make a difference for good...

Campaign and Author

The 9 mission campaign was created by HLP-User Vidmaster and first released in October 2007. Despite being his first work and therefore suffering from balancing issues, blockers and glitches, as well as TBP popularity at an all-time low due to the lack of any new content, the campaign became quite popular. There were multiple Re-Releases to fix the bugs, making it somewhat difficult to determine the exact number of downloads, the latest version only was downloaded over 1500 times before FH2259 became unavailable, since Vidmaster removed the seperate download and packed the campaign with the sequel (and the sequels later).

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