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The Terrans and the Vasudans are in the middle of a high pitched, 14 year, intergalactic war. With the front nearly at a standstill and the casualties ranging in the billions, things look bleak. Then, during the middle of the fighting, a new foe arrives, named the Shivans by Terran Command. The Shivans systematically wipe out Terran and Vasudan outposts alike. With both Terran and Vasudans on the run, they must work together against their common enemy if they are to save their people, civilization, and homeworlds.

Silent Threat

As the Great War rages on, you've been commissioned by the GTI (Galactic Terran Intelligence) for special intelligence operations. In a matter of National Security, you've been asked to go behind enemy lines in order to preserve the fragile space treaty. Is the GTI setting you up or are the Shivans spreading their evil rage?


  • Engage massive capital ships and destroyers of unprecedented size and detail
  • Feel ships explode around you with advanced physics and breathtaking effects
  • Command intelligent wingmen & request reinforcements in real-time space combat
  • Watch the Advanced AI system guide skillful wingmen and devious opponents, adapting to your abilities
  • Swoop in and out of deadly 3D asteroid fields
  • Advance in rank, earn medals and ribbons, gain more responsibility and features as your skills increase
  • Listen to the event-driven music system tailor the soundtrack to the action
  • Watch a detailed branching campaign unfold where your mission performances make the difference
  • See high-resolution, breathtaking cinematic cutscenes with an epic storyline
  • Create your own full-featured missions with FRED, our FreeSpace Mission Editor, included free!
  • Play with up to 12 players via TCP/IP network
  • Grab a microphone and talk to other players live during the action
  • Track your statistics, rank, and medals against players from all over the world FREE on Parallax Online!

System Requirements


  • Pentium™ 133 with 3D accelerator (Glide or D3D only) OR Pentium™ 166 without 3D accelerator
  • Windows® 95 with DirectX 5.0 or Windows® NT 4.0 with DirectX 3.0
  • 32mb RAM
  • 8X or faster CD-ROM Drive
  • 210mb available hard drive space
  • 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse
  • DirectSound compliant sound card


  • Pentium™ 200 with 3D accelerator (Glide or D3D only)
  • 48mb RAM
  • PCI or AGP video card with 2mb of RAM
  • Joystick supported

Running FreeSpace on systems with more than 2 GB of RAM

The disc versions of FreeSpace have problems running on systems with more than 2 GB of RAM. To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Install FreeSpace.
  2. Install Silent Threat if you wish to install it.
  3. Install the 1.06 patch.
  4. Install the 1.06 EAX patch.
  5. Open the game folder and locate FreeSpace.exe and FS.exe. Perform the following steps on each of these files:
    1. Right-click the file and click Properties.
    2. Click the Compatibility tab.
    3. Set the compatibility mode to Windows 95, and make sure that "Run this program as an administrator" is checked.
    4. Click OK.
  6. Run FreeSpace.

If you wish to install Silent Threat, you must do so before you install the patches. If you install it afterward, the game will not be fully updated and you will need to install the patches again.