FreeSpace 2 Mission File Format

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FS2 files are simple text files defining how FS2 will 'execute' a given mission. It refers to external files for the actual assets used in the mission, including Model files and Tables.

General Format

File section headers start with the "#" character. Each file section should be separated by a blank line.

Statements start with either the "$" or "+" characters, and may last for multiple lines. Comments are indicated by ";!", and continue to the end of the line.

Data finishes at "#End"


#Mission Info

  • Defines that the file is a Mission file.

#Command Briefing

  • Defines the Command Briefing section of the briefing. If no command briefing is required, leave this blank.


  • Defines the Mission Briefing. Leaving this blank will cause 'no briefing' to be shown instead of a mission briefing.


  • Defines the players for the mission. At least one player must be defined.


  • Defines all the objects in the mission and their initial state.
  • This includes all ships (including the player ships), installations and other objects.
  • Does not include asteroid (debris) fields.


  • Defines all wings in the mission, friendly and hostile


  • The SEXPs that make up the Events List.


$Formula: ( SEXP_TEXT 
+Name: Event name
+Repeat Count: 1
+Interval: 1
+Chained: 30 ;! Optional indicates that SEXP is chained to previous
+Team: 0


  • The mission directives




#Background bitmaps

#Asteroid Fields



  • The end of the file.