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You can use the excellent installer by Turey, that should give you a baseline of everything you need to play. The rest of this guide is full of information if you want to start tweaking things, or tackle things manually. However, for most players, you can stop with this step.

Windows Installer (Zipped .exe, 19 MB) (Doesn't need Java, get this one if you are unsure and are using Windows)

Win/Linux/Mac Installer (.jar, 26 KB) (Requires Java 1.5)

You can also get the Installer source code here.

For a walkthrough on using the Installer, click here

This Installer is known to work on Windows, Linux(tested on Gentoo and Fedora, should work on others), and Mac (OSX Panther, with a hacked install of Java 1.5)

The most recent Installer includes:

  • Retail Freespace 2
  • FreeSpace Open 3.6.9 Final (regular and debug)
  • FRED2 Open 3.6.9 Final (regular and debug)
  • Launcher 5.5a
  • launcher6.ini
  • Mac Executables
  • Soulstorm's OSX Launcher
  • fs2open_pxo.cfg
  • The OpenAL Installer (optional)
  • 3.6.8 Zeta MediaVPs (optional, includes the 710 patches)
  • 3.6.8 Zeta adveffects (only for those with high-power systems, requires regular MediaVPs, includes 710 patch)
  • .OGG Cutscenes
  • Derelict SCP Version (With optional voice)
  • Just Another Day 1 & 2 (separate options for each)
  • FreeSpace Port
  • Awakenings
  • Homesick
  • Transcend
  • Sync

REQUIREMENTS AND NOTES You can update your installation by simply running the Installer again. It will download files that are out of date.

The Installer requires an internet connection to install. This is because:

  • It checks to see if it is out of date by pulling the number of the most recent version off of the web.
  • It automatically takes you to the download page of the most recent version if your version is out of date.
  • It checks that all the files are up-to-date.

Source: Original thread by Turey