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The FreeSpace Wiki is a joint community effort to collate and make available as much information as possible about the FreeSpace Universe, canon and non canon.

A Wiki is an encyclopaedia which can be expanded by registered members. The Wiki code requires a minimal HTML knowledge as well as some special Wiki code. Expanding the encyclopaedia requires almost no knowledge of HTML code but making HTML experience can be advantageous for cosmetic changes. Of course, the multi-user approach of the Wiki model means that contributors without HTML knowledge can add information while a more knowledgable editor can add make necessary cosmetic changes.

Editing the FreeSpace Wiki

Registration is required before editing the FreeSpace Wiki. Registration requires a user name, a password, and (optionally) an email address. To create an account, look at the upper-right corner of your screen and click for "log in / create account".

To create a new page, type your desired title into the Search field (left side of the screen) and click on Go. If the page has not yet been created, click the red "create this page" link. Make sure to search the wiki thoroughly before creating a new page, to ensure a similar page has not already been started. When creating pages, make sure that others will be able to find the page you want to submit. Link from and to other pages, and use categories. To create categories, add the following code at the bottom of a page:

[[Category:<name of category>]]

where <name of category> is the name of the category, without the < > marks. Beware: category titles are case-sensitive.

To create an interwiki link, use the following code:

[[<name of the page you are linking to>|<how it appears in the article>]]

For example the [[Knossos|some strange-looking subspace portal]] string of code will look like this:

Terrans discovered some strange-looking subspace portal in Delta Serpentis.

If the name of the page you are linking to and how it appears in the article are the same, the following simple code will do:


Such as in:

Terrans discovered the Knossos portal in Delta Serpentis.

For a more sophisticated guide, consult the one over at Wikipedia.