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The Freespace Community Portal

Sites and Forums
Hard Light Productions The largest of the FS related forums on the net, and the site which hosts this wiki.
Freespace 2 Sector Oldest remaining FS related site and forum on the net.
Game Warden A relatively new FS forum, hosts the BSG project and the Starfox conversion, among others.
Source Code Project The Freespace 2 Source Code Project homepage. Mainly serves the developers of the FreeSpace Open.
Hades Combine Mainly provides hosting for various FreeSpace related files like ship models and campaigns.
Node Wars Though not entirely FS related, NW hosts the NodeWars games when running, and has a large amount of FS players registered.

Welcome to the Freespace Community Portal. Through here, you can find links to the major Freespace related sites and forums on the Web. If you have a site that deserves to be on here, go ahead and add it to the sidebar.

If you've come here looking to discuss wiki related issues, you're also in luck. HLP has provided us with a forum for the discussion of wiki matters, but if you don't want to register there for whatever reason, feel free to use the talk page for this portal.

Volition Watch

Volition Watch was once the FreeSpace community's hub, and several of its important articles are preserved in the wiki. Browse the VolitionWatch Articles List.

See also Fan Sites

Multiplayer Squadrons

Since 2007, the FreeSpace multiplayer community is again going strong. View the Multiplayer Schedule on Hard Light and browse the Multiplayer Squadrons category.