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Basically, this is a page where you request a page inside the FreeSpace Wiki. This is for people who:

  • Want to know more
  • Want to expand FreeSpace Wiki
  • Have other reasons to wish for better content to FreeSpace Wiki
  • etc.

Please put a time stamp behind your request. Just write ~~~~ to both sign and time stamp the request.


* Title Request
** Stuff that you think should be in the request (Note: This second bullet point can be used as a time stamp if you do not want to add examples.
*** Time stamp

Requested Pages

Ship Database Request

  • Several Hades Combined Downloaded ships. Example
    • GTD Orion Mark II
    • GTD Raynor

Weapons Database Request

  • Empty

Other Requests

  • The party to celebrate 10th Anniversiry of Freespace 2