Fs2 open on Linux/Installing the Development Libraries

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Installing the Development Libraries
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Note: This step is only for those who want the bleeding-edge source code to compile on their own. You can skip this if you intend to use a provided binary executable.

Note: : Redhat, Slackware, Archlinux, SuSE, and all the other distributions should have their instructions on installing the needed libraries added here, if your distribution is not listed below and you are familiar with how to install the needed libraries on it, please add it to this section.

You will also need SDL, OpenAL, libvorbis, libtheora, readline, liblua >= 5.1.3, and OpenGL(most likely provided with your video card driver) development packages. And of course the GNU Compiler Collection and required make tools.
Debian/Ubuntu users want to:

Note: The build-essential package is a meta package that install the essential build tools. Follow the link for information.
$ apt-get install libopenal-dev libvorbis-dev build-essential automake1.9 autoconf libsdl-dev libtheora-dev libreadline5-dev libpng12-dev liblua5.1-dev

Fedora Core users (and most likely Redhat users too) want to:

$ yum install openal-devel libvorbis-devel gcc gcc-c++ automake autoconf SDL-devel libtheora-devel readline-devel

Gentoo users want to:

Note: media-libs/openal needs the "alsa" USE-flag if you intend to use ALSA, and media-libs/libsdl needs the "X","opengl" and "xv" USE-flags.
$ emerge -va openal libvorbis libsdl libtheora readline

Mandriva users want to:

$ urpmi libsdl-devel libopenal-devel libvorbis-devel libtheora-devel gcc gcc-c++ automake autoconf