GTB Athena

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FS1 Tech Room Description

The smallest bomber in the fleet, the Athena has oftentimes been mistaken for a fighter. However, one should not be fooled by its small size. The Athena can carry light bombs, and most missiles. It also has the ability to dogfight well. Its strong shielding and hull make it the favored "Lightning Bomber" of the GTA.

Developer Notes

Excellent for hit-and-run bombing. Good speed for its size, with a high capacity afterburner reserve.

Veteran Comments

I always wanted to love the Athena, but it's lack of a any serious anti-cap ship capablity made it a non-choice when going against anything bigger than a transport. - Eishtmo


Bomber Statistics

Type Light Bomber
Manufacturer Dynamic Metamer
Manuverability Average
Max Velocity 60.0 mps/ 75 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 120.0 mps
Armor Medium
Hitpoints 250
Shields 500
Length 20 m

Bomber Armaments

Allowed FS1 Primaries Default FS1 Primaries
"ML-16 Laser" "Disruptor" "Avenger" "Flail" "Prometheus" "Banshee" "Leech Cannon" "S-Breaker" "Avenger" "Flail"
Allowed FS1 Secondaries Default FS1 Secondaries
"D-Missile" "Fury" "Phoenix V" "Synaptic" "Stiletto" "Interceptor" "EM Pulse" "Cluster Bomb" "Phoenix V" "Stiletto"