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*'''Stratcomm's Fleetpack'''
*'''Stratcomm's Fleetpack'''
|name = GTCv Bellerophon
| style="width:200px" | '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Type|Type]]'''
|yaw_pitch_roll = 8 - 12 - 12
| style="width:200px" | Corvette
|max_velocity = 25 (35)
|hitpoints = 45000
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Manufacturer|Manufacturer]]'''
|length = 323.32
| Unknown
|width = 135.06
|height = 148.57
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Maneuverablity|Maneuverability]]'''
|turrets = 13
| N/A
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Max Velocity|Max Velocity]]'''
| 25
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Max Afterburner Velocity|Max Afterburner Velocity]]'''
| N/A
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Armor|Armor]]'''
| N/A
| [[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Hitpoints|Hitpoints]]
| 45 000
| [[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Shields|Shields]]
| N/A
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Width|Width]]'''
| 358 m
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Height|Height]]'''
| 275 m
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Length|Length]]'''
| 866 m
*'''Blue Planet'''
*'''Blue Planet'''

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All information related to the GTCv Bellerophon is non-canon.
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The original GTCv Bellerophon.
The new GTCv Bellerophon by Aesaar.


Original Tech Room Description

The GTCv Bellerophon is the latest corvette design produced by the GTVA. Mounting three very powerful long-range beams in a forward configuration, the Bellerophon is designed specifically to engage Shivan craft at range and inflict maximal damage before coming in to weapons range of its target. The Trinity-class main cannons are derivatives of Mesonic technology, extremely powerful but so power-hungry that plasma must be vented directly from the main reactors to fire. The Bellerophon is more heavily armored than its lighter cousin, the Chimera.

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The Bellerophon heavy corvette is a logical variant of the Chimera, mounting an Ice Queen destroyer-grade beam in place of one of its little sister's Aurora Wakes. The Bellerophon fills the exact same niche as the Chimera, but it brings more force to the battlespace.

Advocates of the Diomedes corvette fought hard to kill the Bellerophon, claiming it was redundant with the Chimera. But VEGADEX data suggested that marginal gains in speed-of-kill on hard targets like destroyers and juggernauts could create vital strategic opportunities. A difference in seconds could win victory. The Admiralty upheld the design requirement.

A special team directly under High Command expanded the hull into a triangular shape, hollowed out a space for a self-contained Ice Queen and thermal systems, and packed the new hull volume with command electronics and sensors so that the Bellerophon could serve as a corvette leader. When operating in a pack with other corvettes, the Bellerophon can integrate sensor data to generate fast and accurate navigational solutions. The Bellerophon actually contains more classified equipment per hull volume than any other main-line Alliance warship.

Some thermal issues plagued the first two spaceframes, leading to the installation of a hot-metal heat sink on the ventral hull.

To the dismay of Fleet crew, the Bellerophon shares a common life support space with the Chimera.


  • Original model by Stratcomm
  • Blue Planet's model by Aesaar

Name Origin

Bellerophon (Βελλεροφῶν) was a Greek hero; one of the greatest of his time alongside Perseus in a time before Hercules. He was the grandson of Sisyphus, the man who cheated death. His greatest accomplishment was slaying the Chimera.



  • Stratcomm's Fleetpack
Name GTCv Bellerophon
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 8 - 12 - 12 s
Max Velocity 25 (35) ms-1
Hitpoints 45000 pts
Length 323.32 m
Width 135.06 m
Height 148.57 m
Turrets 13 turrets

  • Blue Planet
Name GTCv Bellerophon
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 100 - 102 - 102 s
Max Velocity 20 (35) ms-1
Hitpoints 90000 pts
Length 901.28 m
Width 443.84 m
Height 268.61 m
Turrets 24 turrets


Default Blue Planet
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
LRBGreen 3 BBlue 1
AAAf 6 MBlue 2
Standard Flak 7 AAAf 6
Terran Turret 8 STerPulse 5
Terran Turret 2 10


Modding Resources

$POF File: GTCv_Bellerophon.pof
Texture list: Shuttle;bellerophon_main;BlackGlass-trans;nameplate;beamcannons;STerPulse_main;bellerophon_debris;TEI_Turrets;beamcannons

Veteran Comments

Please read the Veteran Comments policy before editing this section.

In Blue Planet, this corvette can vaporize almost anything short of a UEFg Karuna in a single salvo; it presents one of the most dire threats to UEF warships in War in Heaven. UEF Uriels are among the most effective counters to these ships. Although it doesn't have quite the point defenses of the lighter Chimera, it's pretty close; when attacking you certainly don't want to go very far into range of its AAA turrets. It has roughly the same size and survivability as the Iceni in FreeSpace 2.

The Bellerophon has fewer defense turrets and worse gun placements than the Chimera. It can quickly be overwhelmed if there isn't enough support.

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