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All information related to the GTCv Chimera is non-canon.
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The original GTCv Chimera by Stratcomm.
The new GTCv Chimera by Aesaar.


Default Tech Room Description

The GTCv Chimera Corvette was the first corvette design to enter service in place of the aging Deimos design, and was the first ship of her class to mount modern weapons such as the Trinity-class main cannon. The Chimera, while sporting more turrets than the average Corvette, is not as heavily armored as more recent designs, and her Trinity Cannon configuration is noticably weaker than that of the larger Bellerophon class.

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The Chimera corvette is the archetypical next-generation warship, a flying beam cannon with a superb subspace drive and power grid. Designed to kill destroyers and Sathanas juggernauts, the Chimera mimics the shock jump tactics of the Second Incursion, drawing on the new ISN BACKBREAKER strategic communications and sensor fusion standard to plot jumps and find targets.

In combat, the Chimera points at the biggest ship around and fires until there's nothing left to shoot at. Three Aurora Wake main beams provide unsurpassed killing power for the hull size. Clouds of vaporized coolant gave the corvette the unflattering nickname 'the bong'. Thermal management is a major concern, and the corvette could easily destroy itself with unwise tactics, but the ship's power grid handles well.

Defensively, the Chimera counts on next-generation active armor and an array of pulse and beam weapons to screen it from bombers. Like all next-generation corvettes, the Chimera must be ready to serve as a destroyer escort.

Chimera production is ramping up, with the perhaps-ambitious goal of matching every Deimos battleteam with a single Chimera by the end of the century. With the exception of the beam reactors, the class came in well under budget.

Of all the TEI's next-generation warships, the Chimera had the smoothest development. Data from the Hyperion class allowed designers to choose simple priorities very early: light hull, huge guns, good heat sinks, good drive, all other concerns secondary. The power grid actually overshot the target, providing the class with excess capabilities that could be exploited by a Block 2 upgrade.

Unfortunately for Chimera crews, no amount of excess power has yet provided a solution for the corvette's abominable living conditions. A software error stocked the first example of the class, Pilum, with thousands of identical pre-cooked meal pouches, each one broccoli and tofu - leading to the much-beloved story of the Cooks' Mutiny. Live on a flying gun, the saying goes, and you get treated like a bullet.


  • Original model by Stratcomm
  • New model by Aesaar

Name Origin

Chimera (Χίμαιρα) was a monster with the body of a lioness with a goat head rising from her back, a tail that ended in a serpent head. The child of Typhon and Echidna, she was the sibling of the Cerberus and the Hydra. From the Illiad "a thing of immortal make, not human, lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle, and snorting out the breath of the terrible flame of bright fire."




  • Stratcomm's Fleetpack
Name GTCv Chimera
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 8 - 12 - 12 s
Max Velocity 25 (35) ms-1
Hitpoints 45000 pts
Length 812.03 m
Width 285.83 m
Height 285.91 m
Turrets 27 turrets

  • Blue Planet
Name GTCv Chimera
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 80 - 82 - 82 s
Max Velocity 25 (35) ms-1
Hitpoints 80000 pts
Length 799.5 m
Width 300.27 m
Height 258.43 m
Turrets 27 turrets


Default Blue Planet
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
LRBGreen 3 MBlue 3
AAAf 7 AAAf 7
Standard Flak 7 STerPulse 5
Terran Turret 10 Terran Turret 2 12


Modding Resources

  • Blue Planet
$POF File: GTCv_Chimera.pof
Texture list: chimera_main;nameplate;bigtur;chimera_lod2;chimera_debris;TEI_Turrets

Veteran Comments

Please read the Veteran Comments policy before editing this section.

Very powerful, but Stratcomm's version has very weak armor and can barely survive a substained assult. More like a smaller Terran version of the Ravana.

In Blue Planet, one cannot overemphasize the fighter screen on this corvette: the sheer number of AAA, pulse cannons, and blob turrets on a ship only slightly longer than a Deimos is staggering. In Forced Entry the Labouchere needs virtually no escort, and in Collateral Damage the hostile Chimeras are deadly to approach. The front and rear of this ship are probably the safest approaches when you are attacking one, but remain cautious of the turrets mounted on the front of the extrusions on the aft of the vessel; they have a clear shot at anything not within a few meters of the front of the vessel. The Chimera doesn't have quite the firepower of the Bellerophon so prioritize those when disarming. It is more dangerous to fighters and bombers and still has massive forward power, however. In terms of armor, it is exactly equivalent to a Deimos under normal circumstances.

Note that elements of Serkr Team have a non-standard loadout comprising some flak turrets.

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