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GTD Bastion
Class: GTD Orion
First Appearance: Pandora's Box (mentioned)
Clash of the Titans (appeared)
In Service: Great War
Faction: Galactic Terran Alliance
Commander: Admiral Shima
Fate: Self-destructed

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It is unknown when or where the GTD Bastion was first deployed, but it is stated by Admiral Wolf that the Bastion was part of the 5th Fleet during the Great War.

Early in the Great War, shortly following the first appearance of the Shivans, the Bastion was sent on a covert mission to Ikeya in order to capture and reverse-engineer Shivan technology, including their sensor arrays, weapons and shield systems.

The Bastion played a major part in the Great War after the GTD Galatea was destroyed in Deneb. The Bastion took part in the defense of the Vasuda system, but had to be withdrawn because of the threat posed by the SD Lucifer. Fighter wings deployed from the Bastion were pivotal in the protection of the evacuation transports fleeing from the Vasudan homeworld.

After the weakness was discovered on the SD Lucifer, the Bastion was the only destroyer available that could accomplish the task. The original plan was that the Bastion should have closed in on the SD Lucifer in subspace and assist the pilots in their job of destroying the reactors.

The mission did not turn out as planned. Attacked by both Shivan and Hammer of Light elements throughout the chase, the Bastion was hard-pressed to intercept the Lucifer. Upon reaching the general vicinity of the Delta Serpentis-Sol jump node, the Lucifer was too far away for the destroyer to catch up, so she had to sortie her fighter and bomber wings, who chased the Lucifer into subspace and accomplished their task. Because the Bastion couldn't reach the jump node before the Lucifer was destroyed, she remained available and in active service during the Second Great War.

Thirty-two years later, when the Second Great War was close to an end, GTVA Command equipped the Bastion with meson bombs to collapse the jump node leading to Vega from Capella. The Bastion was remote-detonated while she was entering the subspace corridor, immediately collapsing the jump node. The Bastion, therefore, holds the honorable distinction of being the twice-savior of both the Terrans and Vasudans.


Squadrons stationed on the Bastion prior to its decommissioning in 2367

The Bastion is the only FreeSpace destroyer for which a full squadron listing was provided. The Bastion squadrons were:

  • 23rd Flying Panthers
  • 103rd Flaming Skulls
  • 53rd Hammerheads
  • 79th Predators
  • 13th Reapers
  • 1st Avenging Angels
  • 47th CutThroats
  • 33rd Jokers
  • 66th Black Knights
  • 81st Screaming Weasels

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