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Original GTD Boreas from Inferno: Release 1

The GTD Boreas is a destroyer armed with multiple beam cannons. It's far more powerful than the other recent Terran destroyer, the GTD Icelus.


Inferno R1 Description

The Boreas is a pure warship with minimal extended capabilities other than its extensive armament and strong hull plating. Designed to offer huge firepower from its multiple medium and heavy beam turrets, it is the primary warship of Terran fleets. The Boreas is also well-protected from fighter and bomber attacks by its numerous flak and AAA beam turrets. Additionally, Boreas' modular subsystems can be reconfigured in advance of a mission, allowing it to accommodate to situations as necessary.

Inferno: Nostos Description

Terran strike destroyer.

The second half of the Admiralty's next-generation destroyer initiative. After a furiously competitive bidding period, Triton Dynamics won the Boreas contract with its unusual spaceframe design. Drawing inspiration from Shivan tactics and ship designs displayed during the Second Incursion, the Boreas is optimized for shockjump strikes to devastate enemy warships and then rapidly redeploy to other engagements. The centerpiece of these tactics is the Boreas' forward weapons array. Mounting a South Wind super-heavy beam cannon and a pair of Grave Maul destroyer-grade beams, the Boreas is capable of defeating multiple destroyers or heavy carriers in a single engagement with its forward array alone. Next-generation navigational equipment and a fast-charging subspace drive allow the Boreas to quickly plot and execute precision jumps, carrying it from one engagement to the next. Even on the flanks, the Boreas mounts plasma accelerator cannons, anti-warship torpedoes, and slashing beam arrays, allowing no safe vector for an enemy warship's approach.

Modern active armor gives the Boreas the greatest durability of any Terran destroyer, and the ship is studded with flak guns and Palladion anti-fighter beams to repel enemy fighters and bombers. However, though the Boreas does possess a fighterbay, she only carries a handful of fighter wings, as most of the hull's internal volume is dedicated to the massive amounts of supplies needed to keep a destroyer of the Boreas' caliber in the field without an oversized logistical tail. As a result, crew quarters aboard a Boreas are smaller and less comfortable than most destroyers, or even than the Phobos corvette. The Boreas operates as a tactical heavy hitter, focused on winning individual engagements, ceding control of the strategic situation to platforms with greater strikecraft capability, such as the Phaeton, with which the Boreas is commonly deployed, or the Warlock supercarrier.

Shadow Genesis Description

Preliator-class destroyers have long history that dates back to secret NTF shipyards and laboratories in Polaris. During the civil war the NTF Iceni was built there. The second unit that was planned was entitled the ‘Boreas project’. Massive, almost 3-kilometre-long destroyer armed with 10 heavy beam cannons, was intended to be a flagship of admiral Christopher Sarno, one of the closest Bosch companions and his right hand. Boreas was to be fear for every Alliance unit including destroyers, except for the Colossus. The project as well as the prototype under construction in Liberty Shipyards, was captured by the GTVA. The plans were almost perfect and did not require major changes, apart from armour upgrade. The ship was soon transported to Beta Aquile and then construction was finished. The new destroyer was christened the GTD Preliator and became the first of the new class of GTVA capital ships. They are heavier than any of the Alliance warships except for the Anchorage.

Ultra heavy unit and the ironfist of the Alliance capable of crushing Shivan destroyers and entire battlegroups. For its strength it paid with weak maneuverability and speed. Fighterbay is small and carries up to 55 spacecrafts. Preliator is often called the Flying Fortress, with 25 turrets and 10 beam cannons, including a giant forward beam and two additional heavy ones. Concentrated fire of all 3 beams can eliminate each vessel of destroyer-size of smaller with just a few shots. Although it is a ship of the Second Great War generation, its destructive power does not act worse than newer units’ one, it acts even better.

Developer Notes

HTL Boreas from Shadow Genesis.

Alrough dropped from early incarnations of INF SCP, the Boreas was later upgraded by another mod team working on Shadow Genesis mod. After collaboration between both teams, version from Shadow Genesis has new turrets and debris, and the same mesh was adopted by Inferno team to bring back the Boreas to upcoming Inferno release.

Name origin

Boreas was the Greek god of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter.

Credits List

  • Original model by Inferno Team.
  • HTL model by Moonred
    • Mapped by Kobrar44
    • Textured by Kobrar44 and Nyctaeus
    • Conversion, pof data and minor tweaks by Nyctaeus and Woomeister.



Type Destroyer
Manufacturer GTVA
Maneuverability N/A
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 15.0 s
Max Velocity N/A ms-1
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A ms-1
Armor 250000
Hitpoints N/A
Shields 0
Length 2765 m


Inferno R1 Inferno: Nostos Shadow Genesis
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
GTVA Rapid Laser 2 LRBGreen 1
Heavy Flak 2 BGreen 2
Long Range Flak 8 TerSlash 7
BomberKiller 4 Long Range Flak 2
AAAf 6 AAAf 8
Cruiser Torpedo 4 AAAb 2
HBlue 1 Rapid Fire Pulse 4
BBlue 3 Rapid Fire Turret 2
TerSlashBlue 6 Piranha 2

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Veteran Comments

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Three spinal beams are able to destroy everything up to destroyer-scale warships in one volley. Alrough used only once in INFR1 and not in combat situation perfect for Boreas, Shadow Genesis frequently demonstrate focused power of all three spinal cannons. Boreas is expected to have much more apperiances in upcoming Inferno: Nostos.