GTD Carthage (BP)

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

GTD Carthage
Class: GTD Orion
First Appearance: Pawns on a Board of Bone
In Service: Post-Capella
Commander: Admiral Anita Lopez
Fate: Survived War in Heaven


The GTD Carthage is one of the oldest capital ships still in service with the Alliance fleet. Launched towards the end of the Great War, she has participated in most major campaigns fought by the GTVA, and her accumulated combat record is unparalleled. After she was nearly destroyed during the nebula campaign, she was refitted as a Combat Evaluation Unit Destroyer, to field-test new armor, propulsion and ECM designs. Exact details are unavailable, but we do know that her anti-fighter armament has been substantially upgraded to allow her to survive in today's fighter-centric combat environment. Indications exist that she has been fitted with a prototype version of the sprint drive, which essentially consists of a second subspace drive motivator. Her hull plating, in combination with her extensive redesign, have increased her combat survivability by several orders of magnitude. While the ship has been in active duty for the better part of 50 years, ONI estimates that destroying her or achieving a mission kill will take careful planning and considerable firepower. The Carthage and her escort fleet have been under the command of Admiral Anita Lopez for 15 years, and while her command is primarily composed of old ship designs, all the rough edges have long since been worn away, and the battlegroup is consistently found in the top 10 percent of the GTVA's Fleet Performance evaluations.

Name Origin

Named for the ancient City of the same name in what is now Tunisia.