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Ship history

The GTD Galatea was an Orion-class destroyer in the Terran-Vasudan War and at the Great War. Little is known about the ship's actions preceding the start of the Main FreeSpace Campaign.

The Galatea took part in acquiring the Shivans' shield technology and acquiring enough information about their ships to be targettable on sensors. After the outbreak of the Hammer of Light rebellion, the Galatea led strikes against HoL targets. In an attempt to destroy an HoL depot, the Galatea came under attack by Shivan bombers and cruisers who had already destroyed the Hammer depot. Fortunately, the ship escaped with only minor battle damage.

Less fortunate was the battle where kamikaze Hammer of Light units attacked the Galatea, while she was in transit to the Beta Aquilae system. The ship took moderate damage from the kamikaze fighters and the kamikaze Hammer of Light Aten cruiser.

Alongside with Admiral Wolf, the Galatea was destroyed by the SD Lucifer immediately after her bombers succeeded in destroying the SD Eva. The surviving crew were assigned to the GTD Bastion.

Volition explicitly stated that the Galatea is not the Orion shown in the FS2 intro. This destroyer is instead commonly referred to as the GTD Legion.