GTD Legion (ST:R)

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For the canonical destroyer, see GTD Legion
GTD Legion
Class: GTD Orion
First Appearance: FreeSpace 2 Intro
In Service: Great War
Faction: Galactic Terran Alliance
Fate: Destroyed by Lucifer in 2335

In the FreeSpace 2 intro cutscene, which depicts the Battle of Deneb (2335), the SD Lucifer's beam weapon pierces the hull of an unknown Orion-class Destroyer, causing it to careen out of control. 32 years later, the abandoned hulk of the ship is shown in orbit around Deneb where it remains remarkably intact save for the penetration damage, before fading into the background as it is overshadowed by the rebuilt GTVA fleet led by the Colossus.

Volition was fairly clear this ship was not the Galatea. A community member asked if the ship could be called the Legion. Volition responded, "Call it that if you want," so the ship is generally referred to as the Legion.

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