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All information related to the GTD Raynor is non-canon.
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The GTD Raynor is a widely used fan-made destroyer. Over the years, the Raynor was reskinned and retabled several times, also inspiring the GTD Erebus which replaced it in the Blue Planet campaign.

The original GTD Raynor
The GTD Raynor in Stratcomm's Fleetpack


CoW Tech Room Description

Designed to more adequately hold its own against Shivan ships first encountered during the second great war, the Terran Raynor class is the largest production destroyer in service within the GTVA. Its twelve primary beam cannons, each devastating in its own right, can focus at least 50% of the ship's main firepower across most of the ship's length. The Raynor was designed more to provide heavy fire support than to deploy fighter wings, and has a significantly smaller hangar bay as a result. At present, Raynor class vessels generally operate in conjunction with a Hecate destroyer, with the Hecate providing a large fighterbase and the Raynor providing heavy fire support; however, Raynor class vessels have been effectively deployed alone, and can hold their own against all but the most relentless enemy attack. The GTD Raynor measures over three kilometers in length, and has an onboard crew complement of 12,000 men and women.

Old Blue Planet Tech Room Description

At nearly three kilometres long, the Raynor is one of the largest ships in the Alliance fleet. Several heavy beam cannons and long-range torpedo launchers are placed around her hull, and she is equipped with the most advanced electronics and armour technology the GTVA can afford. The Raynor represents the new strategic imperatives laid out by the Threat Exigency Initiative: a flexible destroyer class with the firepower to eliminate Shivan targets, the speed to outrun them, and the power grid and computers required for rapid precise subspace jumps, all in a package that can be mass-produced. The GTD Orestes is a superb example of this class, serving as the flagship of the 14th battlegroup.


  • Original model by Stratcomm, Lt.Narol, CODEDOG ND and mikhael
  • V2.0 model by Stratcomm, Grimloq, Lt.Narol, CODEDOG ND and mikhael
  • Green model by 0rph3u5
  • HTL model by Stratcomm



Name GTD Raynor
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 150 - 150 - 150 s
Max Velocity 20 (8) ms-1
Hitpoints 1500000 pts
Length 2868.7 m
Width 932.89 m
Height 666.76 m
Turrets 41 turrets
Fighterbays 1


  • Casualties of War
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
BGreen 12
Heavy Flak 7
Cyclops 6
Terran Turret 6
AAAf 8

  • Stratcomm's Fleetpack
Stratcomm's Fleetpack
Turret Type Amount
Heavy Flak 7
Cyclops 6
BGreen 10
Terran Turret 11
AAAf 7


Veteran Comments

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The stock Raynor has a lot of firepower spread out evenly across most of its hull. This makes it a threat from any direction except from the rear.

In Blue Planet, the Raynor is not a giant GTC Aeolus but compared to the anti-fighter defenses on previous destroyers, it's a huge improvement. The Raynor will absorb several waves of Shivan bombers itself, but it's wise to escort them anyway. If you're attacking, avoid approaching the top or the bottom, as nearly all of the anti-fighter firepower on the ship can be focused in those areas. The destroyer scale version of the pulse weaponry on the top and bottom of a Raynor will kill a fighter in only a few hits. The relatively lightly defended sides should be your target. They're protected mostly by AAA and some Terran Turret 2s. Also note that the turrets on the Raynor are surprisingly tough.

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