GTD Temeraire

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

GTD Temeraire
Class: GTD Titan
First Appearance: Departure (Age of Aquarius)
In Service: Post-Capella
Commander: Rear Admiral Carey
Fate: Survived Age of Aquarius


The Temeraire is the second Destroyer in the 14th Battlegroup. As other Titan class vessels in the Blue Planet continuity, she is intended as a replacement for the older Hecate class vessels. Her intended role is to act primarily as a strategic deterrent through her fighter wing. Should the need arise, she is more than capable of acting as a shock-jump vessel, ending fights quickly and decisively through her heavy forward armament.

Name Origin

The Temeraire is named in honour of the British Navy vessels of the same name. The second HMS Temeraire fought at the Battle of Trafalgar alongside Lord Nelson's Victory.