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All information related to the GTD Titan is non-canon.
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The original GTD Titan in Blue Planet.
The new GTD Titan by Aesaar.

Tech Room Description

Designed as a compliment to the mighty Raynor-class Destroyers, the Titan fleet carrier is a fearsome ship to behold. This class mounts three powerful forward beams and a large number of flak and AAAf installations. While large and somewhat vulnerable to a concentrated attack, the Titan's real strength shows when it deploys its fighter compliment. The ship is comprised of over 40% fighterbays, and can rapidly deploy numerous fighter and bomber wings simultaneously. Moderately armed and armored for its size, the Titan is nonetheless a very capable carrier. Command anticipates full deployment of at least two Titan-class craft in each fleet within a decade.

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The Titan-class destroyer/strike carrier bases more fightercraft than any other Alliance vessel. Armed with a mighty triple array of 'Ice Queen' spinal beams, a battery of pulse weapons, and Supernova meson torpedoes, the Titan serves as a companion to the Erebus-class line destroyer.

In the event of a new Shivan incursion, the Titan will hold in support of its Erebus partner, deploying its fighter wings to generate and exploit openings. In this respect it resembles a larger Hecate-class. But the Titan also shares the Erebus' excellent subspace agility, and its main beams make it a capable shock attacker. Developing doctrine suggests that the Titan will serve either as a firefighter, leaping onto and erasing Shivan breakthroughs, or as a force lever to punch through vital targets.

Titan development proceeded under the codename COLD WEDGE. The first attempt drew on design principles from the Massive Mjolnir and Supercarrer design camps, but it failed when Triton Dynamics studies suggested the hull's ammunition stores would be catastrophically vulnerable. A second attempt began under a Vasudan project leader, but internal politics caused great offense, and only a hasty diplomatic intervention by Aya McCarthy retained the Vasudan team as a reactor lead.

The third iteration of the Titan design drew heavily on the Ravana destroyer, creating an eerie reputation around the team offices. The hull coalesced around a hangar module, a main beam spine, and a sophisticated engineering section for the drive and reactors. BACKBREAKER and SCORPION PROPHET combat management and network software coordinate the ship's systems, with added facilities for precise attacks out of subspace jumps. The Titan's power systems and ammunition stores are highly distributed to enhance resilience. Multiple emitter arrays give the Titan excellent long-range sensor and command capability. Because the Titan's role requires fewer sudden power transfers than the Erebus, its power grid is more conventional and less integrated, closely following the pattern established by the Hatshepsut.

Considerable dispute rages over the best use of the Titan's tactical presence. The class could serve as a supercarrier, an attrition sniper that leaps between hot spots and picks off primary targets, a floating reserve, or the hammer in a fix-and-fire team with the Erebus.

A long waiting list has developed for Titan postings, in part because of career opportunities for fighter officers, in part because of the type's excellent quarters. Conspiracy theorists often debate whether a module exists to replace the hangar bay with a long-term habitat so the Titan could serve as a deep-space ark.


  • Original model by Stratcomm
  • New model by Aesaar in collaboration with Hades




Name GTCa Titan
Type Carrier
Max Velocity 25 ms-1
Hitpoints 45 000 pts
Length 2582 m
Turrets 35 turrets

Blue Planet

Name GTD Titan
Type Destroyer
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 120.0, 122.0, 122.0 s
Max Velocity 25 ms-1
Hitpoints 135 000 pts
Length 2582 m
Turrets 35 turrets


Default Statistics Blue Planet
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
BGreen 5 BBlue 3
AAAf 7 TerSlashBlue 2
Terran Turret 21 AAAf 7
Cyclops 2 TerPulse 9
Terran Turret 2 12
Supernova 2 (x4)


Veteran Comments

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This ship is designated GTCa Titan in Stratcomm's Fleet Pack in Green. It comes with a different texture than the one shown here.

In Blue Planet, despite its stated role as a rear-line combatant, in many ways the Titan is more impressive than the Raynor. It has a better fighter screen, except for directly fore. In the Age of Aquarius mission Forced Entry you may also find that the defenses on the sides of the ship are lacking slightly. Be that as it may, any hostile fighter or bomber at an angle above or below the Titan will be quickly destroyed. The multiple fighter bays allow it to launch multiple fighters without them spawning in each other. The Titan's anti-capital array, like the Chimera and Bellerophon firepower is mostly directed forward, in the form of 3 "Ice Queen" beams - enough firepower that without any type of scripting, the Titan could destroy the Iceni or a Narayana in one shock jump; it could do 99% damage to an Orion the same way. Its broadside is not very good, but the pulse cannons are good at disarming warships and pecking smaller warships to death and the Supernova torpedos are pretty capable against targets with bad or damaged point defenses. Overall a very capable destroyer, very well defended except for warship attacks from the flanks, and bomber attacks to the fore.

One of the most ideal deployments for this ship is a strike carrier role. Essentially, the Titan uses at least a good portion of its fighter complement to support an assault against a target; a Titan can also field many wings of bombers, giving the Titan a highly flexible secondary armament. Its three forward beam cannons are surprisingly durable and hard to hit. If the Titan puts its huge craft complement as a screen and quick-strike force, only high-grade beam jamming and/or heavy flanking attacks can effectively counter this beast. However, the Titan is most vulnerable when being attacked on its flanks, so it's best to never let a Titan have the initiative (like with a Sathanas). While the Raynor is better in a slugging match or frontline brawl, the Titan is the ship that you never want pointed at you, ever. If you can't outrun it (and you're not already in its main cannons' range) you either jump away or get skewered by heavy firepower.

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